UPDATE 4 Apr 2023: Angkor Wat remains closed until 31 October 2023 due to further rehabilitation work needed.



On 7 Dec 2022, Jabatan Landskap Negara & FoBK teams conducted a joint inspection of the ‘Angkor Wat’ site with support from Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong, Kuala Lumpur tree guru, independent arborists, Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia ( Public Works Department ) slope consultants and Kiara Hills TTDI Hiking Group rep.

Through the inspection, significant risks were identified regarding the stability of the overall tree, roots and rocks formation system in that entire section. Strong erosive impact was noted in particular from trails above Angkor Wat tree, leading from Twin Peaks main trail. Check out the visual from Tikka Hun which illustrates the damage at Angkor Wat.

Technical and professional recommendations were for entire section to be closed for a significant period while a rehabilitation plan is put together and actioned. Hence why that section is closed until 30 March 2023.

It was observant hikers who first alerted us to the rotting sections of the Angkor Wat tree. And now we ask and hope for the cooperation from all those exploring and using Bukit Kiara trails to respect the boundaries put up on site.

Ayuh, kita bersama pulihkan “Angkor Wat”!

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