A type of beetle, fireflies may be categorized into two groups in general: congregating fireflies and solitary fireflies.

Fireflies have the ability to emit light,
which they utilize as a means of
communication. Note however, that
while the larvae of all fireflies emit
light, the adults of some species do
not, but rely on pheromones to

Both the adult males and females of
most species are able to fly. However,
the adult females of most of the larger
species cannot fly — they are
“larviform”, meaning that they either
do not have wings, or their wings are
too small to enable flight.

Congregating Fireflies

Congregating fireflies live along estuaries and attract potential mates by synchonising and flashing their lights from the canopy of the trees that grow along the riverbanks. These are commonly seen at Kuala Selangor.

Solitary Fireflies

Solitary fireflies occupy a wider range of habitats, including green lungs such as Bukit Kiara. They go about their activities individually and emit light colour and pattern that is specific to each species.

Seven species from seven genera of solitary fireflies have been recorded at Bukit Kiara as of 2022: the Colophotia species (sp.), the Diaphanes sp., Drilaster sp., Lamprigera sp., Pygoluciola sp., Pyrocoelia sp. and Stenocladius sp.

A male Pyrocoelia resting on a plant. The
female of this species is larviform and lives on
the ground.