From an ecosystem perspective, Bukit Kiara is not just the Federal Park alone, since biodiversity and ecosystem services don’t follow legal or administrative boundaries. The privately-owned adjacent land parcels that are still under vegetation cover also constitute a part of the Bukit Kiara ecosystem. Their importance in safeguarding the integrity of the forest and in ensuring the continued provision of ecosystem services that Bukit Kiara provides to the surrounding townships cannot be overstated.

Map source: Redrawn from Bukit Kiara Federal Park concept plan,
with grey insertions cross-referenced to the Bukit Kiara Federal Park

Bukit Kiara (and all other urban green lungs that are in good condition) provides a number of ecosystem services, that are essentially nature-based solutions to many man-made environmental issues that we face today. These ecosystem services are often undervalued by society , since nature does not change. All it takes is for us to take care of nature, and it will reciprocate many fold.