Bukit Kiara supports an incredibly rich avian diversity for an urban green lung.

The native species comprise of common garden birds including mynas, sunbirds, and orioles, as well as lowland forest birds including bulbuls, barbets; non-passerines such as woodpeckers and owls; as well as raptors such as falconets and hawk-eagles.

As Malaysia is situated within the East Asian-Australasian Flyway, there are also migratory birds sighted at Bukit Kiara each year. These visitors include Zappey’s Flycatcher and Eyebrowed Trush begin to arrive as early as September.

Throughout the year, you may encounter groups of patient photographers and bird watchers gathering along the tarmac road that winds up Bukit Kiara. This is when both local residents and migrants alike forage together in the canopy, a phenomenon known as “bird waves”.

Image from TwentyTwo13

In view of the ever-present threat of poorly-planned urban development, we must continue to protect these hugely important bird areas.