With a focus on protecting and conserving Bukit Kiara, FoBK strives to create and be part of programmes that work towards engaging the community.

We work closely together with government agencies such as National Landscape Department, and other like-minded community-based organisations and non-governmental organisations. Here is a non-exhaustive list of programmes we have spearheaded:

Magical Mysteries at Bukit Kiara

In 2020, FoBK received a grant from the UNDP GEF/Small Grants Program (SGP) to conduct a citizen science research project on the fireflies of Bukit Kiara.

The year-long study was in collaboration with the Urban Biodiversity Initiative (UBI) and the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) where firefly researchers and members of the local community worked together to collect data on the behavioural ecology of the fireflies and their habitat.

The programme continues to run with the participation of volunteer citizen scientists who propel this program forward with their collective knowledge and enthusiasm. There are monthly firefly surveys and public walks hosted. Learn more about it in MMaBK section.

Herpetofauna Public Walks

We collaborate with the experts from Malaysian Nature Society Herp Group Selangor Branch to hold herpetofauna focused walks. Held at night, small groups are led into Bukit Kiara trails that are home to many amphibians and reptiles. Learn more about the Bukit Kiara herpetofauna in this section.

Trail Walks

We host public walks that allow amateur or enthusiastic hikers to enjoy the trails of Bukit Kiara while getting a better understanding of its history and flora.

  • Citizen Scientist program with Magical Mysteries of Bukit Kiara
  • Trails Renaming(need a better name), Maintenance and Public Walks
  • “Angkor Wat” Rehabilitation
  • Firefly Public Walks