Flora & Fauna

Turtile at Bukit Kiara

As a secondary forest, the Bukit Kiara Federal Park consists of regenerated flora that includes the old rubber trees and replanted dipterocarp and non-dipterocarp trees. The trees tend to be closer spaced, contain less undergrowth, and have only one canopy layer as compared to primary forests.

Since the park was put under the administration of Jabatan Landskap Negara in August 2010, a total of 23,045 trees have been planted in phases to realise the vision of Taman Persekutuan Bukit Kiara as a living museum – park and arboretum.

Bukit Kiara is a vital refuge for wildlife in the city. The canopy of the regenerating forest, and the clear, unpolluted streams that run beneath it, make the park a viable habitat for a surprising array of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fishes and all manner of arthropods.

Visitors at the park are reminded to not introduce unsanctioned plants into the forest and to never feed the wildlife, especially the long-tailed macaques. Such unregulated acts will cause more harm than good to the long-term health of the flora and fauna of Bukit Kiara.