Housed in the Arboretum Zone is a playground for walkers, hikers, trail runners and mountain bikers. The zone is served by a tarmac road that winds around the eastern slopes of the hill. A number of gazebos, exercise stations and themed garden attractions are conveniently located along the road.

The best way to experience the hill, however, is to step off the tarmac and head for the famous trails of Bukit Kiara. It is on these trails that you will come closest to nature and the wondrous plants and animals that call the hill, home.

Landmarks Along Bukit Kiara Trails

Some of the more popular destinations along the trails include the Cat’s Eye Bamboo grove, mini Sungai Penchala waterfalls, Angkor Wat tree and lookout points. While the formal trailheads begin from along the tarred road and the Taman Lembah Kiara car park, regular visitors sometimes start off from Sri Hartamas or Kiaramas in the northeast.

There is an abundance of routes to choose from, and planning which route to attempt next is part of the fun.

Trail maps and a selection of curated routes are provided in most trail mobile applications, including AllTrails, Guru Maps, Komoot and TrailForks. We highly encourage you to use these apps to plan your route and navigate your way along the trails.


Just off the tarred circuit, the Keladi trail runs along a shallow, clear stream — the headwaters of Sungai Penchala. The trail is named as such because a large portion (around 10 percent) of the plants that grow along the trail are from the Keladi, or Taro (Araceae) family that includes many ornamental plants, including those in the genera Alocasia, Colocasia and Caladium. The Malay word Keladi also refers to a specific species within the family that is widely grown for food — the Taro (Colocasia esculenta). The Keladi trail is designated as the Sungai Penchala Open Classroom, where participants can learn about the physical, chemical and biological aspects of freshwater streams.