Bukit Kiara conceals three riverheads, water-falls, streams, a pond, ravines and beautiful natural vistas waiting to be discovered. Rich in avian life, resident species found at Bukit Kiara include the Oriental Pied Hornbills, Crested Goshawks, and Buffy Fish Owls; boasts over 50 species of migratory birds; and, is home to the largest species of Fire Flies in the world.


Bukit Kiara’s flora consists of rubber trees and varieties of Kempas, Keruing, Kapur, Balau, Merawan, Kedondong & Perah trees, introduced in the 80’s and 90’s, that range in height to make up the layers of a forest canopy. This ecosystem acts as a sponge to control flash floods downstream from Sungai Penchala, which starts life as a bubble of water at Bukit Kiara and meanders a total of 14km through TTDI and Petaling Jaya. Local wildlife along Sungai Penchala includes river otters and invertebrate species such and crabs and freshwater shrimp, not forgetting species of fish.


An estimated 4,000 people visit Bukit Kiara over a typical weekend and they include Hikers, Nature Lovers, Cyclists and Mountain-bikers, Hashers, Educational River walk participants, Ploggers and Bird watchers. Mountain bike trails at Bukit Kiara are reputed to be among the best constructed trails in Malaysia with regular national and international gatherings and competitions held here.


To conserve a green lung and its beneficial impact to local communities and the world at large, FoBK is working towards a collaboration with all stakeholders to ensure proper management and maintenance of the park to sustainably address the growing needs of people living in the Klang Valley.